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Do what you love and love what you do [2013]

By Keith Abraham
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Skyrocketing to #11 in just one month, It Starts with Passion is a breakthrough book in the quest to achieving greater success with clarity, purpose and passion. For three decades, Keith Abraham has been assisting people around the world to work smarter, lead others through inspiration and achieve high performance results. In this book, he shares powerful tools to help you achieve success in work and life. Clear-cut messages, supported by visual models and inspirational stories of change.

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  1. Jane Anderson

    Keith is the guru of helping you get focused, feel more passionate and set goals to achieve your personal best. Do yourself a favour and don’t just buy this book for yourself, but buy it for your teams so you can collaborate and work together effectively to achieve your goals and progress your business and personal life for the year to come.

  2. Nikki Fogden-Moore

    As always the master of purpose and passion Keith Abraham brings his toolkit to life through his books. It Starts With Passion is a great example of Keith’s work in getting back to basics on what really matters for you and setting the best navigation and central mission for your goals. Written for people who want to achieve and are prepared to put that little bit of extra mojo in all they do. Great addition to your library for making your goals a reality.

  3. Nikki Ballarin

    I have found ” It starts with passion by Keith Abraham” on my way up from the dark hole calls “Depression, Anxiety and panic attack” I have the ways 1. the uncertainty 2. the lost 3. the frustrated 4. the confused 5. the unclear and 6. the unsatisfied hiding in somewhere on my thought which i don’t realise until i found this book! It answer my that deep thought questions. I have noted this 6 ways down in the bottom of my thought said to myself if this “Depression, Anxiety and panic attack” happing in anytime! Get the book out and read it out loud so i can answer that thought with words to say this is what TO DO! Keith Thank you so much for writing this book and for doing what you’re doing. Myway Nikki.

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