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4 fast easy strategies to beating procrastination forever [2017]

By Keith Abraham
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What could you achieve if you were focused? What would happen in your life if you procrastinated less?

For more than 20 years I have been sharing the power of goal achievement with people. However the gap between Goal Setting to Goal Achievement, does not come down to talent, tools or technique. It’s all about the ability to focus, and this was my first inspiration behind writing Focus. The second reason for writing this book was the sheer number of people I meet who believe they are procrastinators in their life and career. What I have learnt is that procrastination is created when you don’t have a big enough reason WHY to chase something, which means you have nothing to focus on. If I can assist you to focus on what is important, then procrastination is easy to beat!

Is this book right for you? Only if you want to beat procrastination, remove the roadblocks holding you back and have a focus that propels you towards everything you want!

If you need to focus on what’s important, what matters and what makes a difference, then this book is for you! It provides time tested ideas that will help you beat procrastination, remove the roadblocks that are holding you back and help you focus on what propels you towards everything you want, and away from what you don’t want! It will transform your life, your career and your world.

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4 reviews for FOCUS

  1. Andrew Griffiths

    I’ve been a huge fan of Keith Abraham for decades and I just love the way he seems to keep getting more passionate and relevant in all that he does. Keith’s latest book, Focus, is now my number one recommendation for anyone struggling to get everything done in their life. It is extraordinary in every way, visually stunning, clever, practical and screaming to be used.

  2. Faz Subhani

    Keith, I have achieved so much since attending your session in London, and after reading your superb book, Focus. I recommend this book to anyone who works in a commercial role, as it will transform how you complete tasks, and you will get so much more done. Thanks.

  3. Jane Anderson

    Keith’s Focus book is my go to bible. I love to plan and Focus reminds me to really think about what my passion and purpose is first and foremost. This means I can allocate time to action specific activities and achieve the goals in my business and life that really matter. Focus has the best of all worlds, a book, a reflective journal and a planner all in one. Even better is having the wall chart to put on my wall to be my accountability buddy! It keeps me on track and reminds me what I need to say no to!

  4. Rowdy McLean

    Keith’s books are always a fantastic addition to my bookshelves. I love the way he capture a concept and makes it simple to understand and embrace. A must read for all of us.

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