By Keith Abraham

In this video I share a little idea I have been using with my clients and for myself, called the 4 x 3 Formula. Four parts and three options to get yourself really clear. There is also a handout that corresponds with this video you can download here. Watch on as I share the formula with you, along with a live example.

This formula came about when COVID-19 first hit. I thought to myself I’m an advocate of goal setting, but is now the time to have a long term goal? I just stopped and thought about what I can control. It’s about controlling the controllable.


What are the 3 timeframes you need to be planning for right now? For me I am planning around the next 30 days, next 90 days and next 6 months.


What do you think the 3 sets of circumstances are that are going to impact your business? For me there will be little to no face to face presentations. People are open to virtual workshops now more than ever before to develop their team for the New Normal. I have access to global audiences without leaving Brisbane.


Now that I know the 3 scenarios and the 3 timeframes I am planning around, I define my focus for each one of those timeframes. For me, in the next 30 days is to complete my proactive projects; next 90 days is about launching my next two product offerings; next 6 months is about client contact that will fill my 2021 pipeline.


Now I have this framework in place, scenarios and my focus, I turn my attention onto what I can control. I define my top 3 priorities for the first timeframe I selected being the next 30 days. So once again for me it is …

  • Complete the Diagnostic Tool I am writing.
  • Contact 7 clients a day.
  • Write the chapter outline in bullet points format for my next book.

Download the worksheet, watch the video as I explain further, and create your master plan to move forward!