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By Keith Abraham

I wanted to share with you a leadership tool I’ve created, on building great customer/client connections.

If you’re a customer service professional and you want create a better experience for your customers, there’s a few things you need to do.

Firstly, identify. Your customers come to you as a prospect. You want to move them from a prospect to a purchaser. You want to move them from a purchaser to an advocate. What’s my definition of an advocate? They want to come back and repurchase from you. But you want to take it one step further and turn them into an ambassador. My definition of an ambassador is that they sell you better than you sell you! These are the people who return and recommend. If I can get my clients to return and recommend, if they return, I have sustainability, if they recommend, I have growth. To do that, I need to connect with their five motives.


  1. Quality: People, your customers will buy quality products.
  2. Price: What we do know it’s never about price. It’s always about value because the product is too expensive if people can’t see the value.
  3. Speed: How quickly we respond. How quickly we return someone’s call, email, answer a question.
  4. Convenience: Are you easy to do business with? It doesn’t have to be location-wise, but are you easy to work with?
  5. Service Experience: You have to create an experience that is memorable for all the right reasons and to do that, you need to stop and sit down and look at your service. What do you do before a customer ever calls you, walks into your office, or emails you? What do you do before to create a great experience? Is it training? Is it how you set things up? Is it making forms really easy to fill out? What do you do during the transactional phase? The questions you ask, the ambiance of your retail environment, how well your people are presented. Thirdly, after. You see most people operate on the three f principle—we find them, flog them, forget them. You have to stay in touch with your customers! And the fourth piece is forever after. Put them on your customer base. Send them offers before you send it to the general public. Stay connected with them and stay in contact with them, because in doing that, you create loyalty.

The first book I wrote was Creating Loyal Profitable Customers because I realised that people knew how to sell, and people knew how to service, but people didn’t know how to keep people coming back. Download this tool, it’ll help you clarify that with your team and within your business!