By Brooke Dorratt

I believe travel is a great educator.

When you step out of your normal environment and are open enough to be more aware and observant, then the world has a way of educating you.

We had an amazing trip to South Africa, and here are some of the highlights Kristine and I experienced …

  • Seeing a beautiful leopard with her kill high in a tree, I captured what I consider to be one of my favourite photos ever!
  • To see leopards mating in the wild. Wow! That was a rare sight on Safari in Africa.
  • Watching four rhinos play with one another around our vehicle. Watch the video here.
  • We had the opportunity to walk in the bush with giraffes, they are just majestic.
  • To see an elephant family, walking and working together as a team, was really special.
  • To see one or two water buffalo is impressive, but to see a herd of 250–300 was a great sight to behold as they merged en masse to a watering hole. We then came across them again, as they were waking up early one morning.
  • Rounding out the African Big 5, by seeing a lion eating a warthog near a watering hole.
  • I was able to tick off a number of goals I’ve had for a long time … visit Cape Town and go to the top of Table Mountain; play golf at Sun City and present in South Africa again.
  • Most importantly, to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife, Kristine.

View some of my Safari photos here.


On the flight home I reflected on what I have learnt from our two and a half week trip. Here are a few of my key messages …

  • With time and space, comes greater perspective.
  • Being in nature, for me, is rejuvenating.
  • If you are open and prepared to say hello, you can meet some amazing people!
  • You have to stop, clear the schedule, and just be, so you can reset.
  • Be more observant of the little things.
  • Let go of the uncontrollables, I knew this message already, but it was reinforced for me.
  • There is more to see, more to explore and more to do in Africa for us.


My new goals are to travel back to Africa and photograph a pride of lions, a wild dog and the cheetah, which will complete the Magificent 7, and take our two daughters to experience this fabulous continent.
Thank you for following my South African journey.

Keep on exploring!