By Keith Abraham

Having a clearly defined direction is one of the key ingredients you need to live a life that others will envy. You need to ask yourself the questions, “Do you have vision for your future? Are you pursuing your passion?” Take this quick survey to see if you are living your life to your full potential. Give yourself one point for every ‘YES’ you answer.

  1. If someone woke you up in the middle of the night and asked you what your #1 goal was to achieve in the next two to five years, could you tell them in clearly defined terms?
  2. Could you tell me one thing that you are most passionate about without having to think about it?
  3. Do you suffer from chronic cases of procrastination?
  4. Do you honestly feel you are working and making progress towards your long term goals
  5. Are you totally happy, satisfied and fulfilled in where you are going in your life?

Scoring System

If you scored the following points, then here is your prognosis.

0 = Do not despair, read on and find your true passion.
1 = No doubt about it, you have untapped potential, it is now time to live your dreams.
2 = Great, you’re on track. Keep on pursuing your passion, success and greatness is almost in your grasp.
3 = Fantastic, life is going to get better and better for you.
4 = Wow! You are making it happen, well done!
5 = It is official, you are a passionate person!

After 22 years presenting around the world, here is what I have learnt about people, they all fit into one of these four areas …

  1. 3% have firm written goals with action plans to achieve them. These are the people who make things happen.
  2. 10% have firm goals that are not written down. These people think or expect things to happen.
  3. 60% have vague or limited goals. They spend more time planning to go on their next holiday. These people are the ones who watch things happen.
  4. 27% go through life with no goals at all. These are the people who don’t know what happened! They ask, “Where did my life go?”

There have been a number of studies done where people have been tracked for over 20 years and surveyed about the above areas. Interesting to note that majority of people in the 27% category were just getting by financially or were receiving some type of government assistance.

The group belonging to the 60% were earning the average weekly wage. The people in the 10% were earning three times the average weekly wage and the top 3% of people were earning ten times the average weekly wage.

What do you think—is goal setting worth it?

It is always your choice which category you fit into. All you need to do is decide what your goals are, define them and start doing something about it. It is easy to be different, just do what other people don’t do, refuse to do or ignore. This will make you different in a positive, profitable, productive and proactive way.