By Keith Abraham

Such a great song from the Beatles. In actual fact, we really need love now! As I have been chatting with audiences all around the world sharing my concept of choosing your mindset—or what I call an amplified attitude—I have been sharing six key mindsets each of us needs to have in this environment of uncertainty.

Now, it’s not about having all six, it’s about picking one and focusing on it with such intensity that every cell in your body believes it. This mindset coupled with a high level of intensity changes how you turn up every day. It influences how you walk, talk, think, what you say to others and most importantly what you say to yourself. Here are the six I have been sharing …

  1. Courageous: You need courage if you are going to change anything in your life.
  2. Tenacious: You need the determination to face the challenge and conquer it.
  3. Limitless: If you look and believe there are so many opportunities in the future.
  4. Grateful: You must have gratitude if you are going to learn the lesson of what lockdown really means to you in this time of your life.
  5. Empowered: You need to give yourself permission to step into your light, your potential and your possibilities.

Which brings me to number six and the one that has been outnumbering all of the above five by a 2:1 ratio over the last month.


The ability to stop being your harshest critic and become your best friend, your strongest cheerleader and your greatest coach!

So if this is not you, that’s ok, select one of the first five to focus on for the next 30 days. However, if Self-Love resonates with you, then focus on these four elements to put yourself at peace with who you are right now; what you need to be doing in your life right now; and how you have arrived at this time and place in your life. My belief is that in order to strengthen your level of Self-Love you need to enhance …

  1. Your Self-Esteem
  2. Your Self-Awareness
  3. Your Self-Belief
  4. Your Self-Confidence

How do you do this? 

  1. To enhance your Self-Esteem ensure you are developing, maintaining and strengthening your positive Self-Talk.
  2. To enhance your Self-Awareness look inside from time to time and Self-Assess what you like about yourself and what you really love to do that gives you joy.
  3. To enhance your Self-Belief invest in your Self-Development on a regular basis … reading, journaling, listening, watching and connecting with mentors.
  4. To enhance your Self-Confidence take the time to set your Self-Direction by defining your goals and make progress towards them every day.

Which amplified attitude do you need to be the boss of this month?