By Keith Abraham

I received great feedback from last week’s video blog, so I thought I’d continue that conversation, watch the above video to hear more.

Last week I spoke about controlling the controllables in light of the coronavirus infodemic. I had not long returned from London—with flu symptoms—and my naturopath sent me off to the emergency department for a coronavirus test. I received the all clear 24 hours later, and it gave me time to put things into perspective …

When I saw people go crazy about toilet paper, I thought why aren’t they stocking up on vitamins? Because that’s what we can control. We can control how we are looking after our own immune system.

Here are some thoughts I want to plant with you today … Firstly, keep things in perspective. The media sensationalises everything. They give you enough information to create hysteria, but they don’t give you enough information to keep things in perspective.

Secondly, it’s how you react and how you respond. How you react and how you respond is vital for everything you do. Reaction is about emotion, and response is about action. It’s okay to get wound up, but you have to be able to put things back in balance and perspective around what is the appropriate reaction, and more importantly, what is the appropriate response.

It’s what you do now and what you do next. I can’t control what’s going to happen in one week or one month, but I can control what I do now, what action I take, what mindset I have, and what I do next.

What action do you need to take next? What do you need to do to prepare yourself? Regardless of whether the market is up, or down, it’s how you react and how you respond. It’s what you do now and it’s what you do next.