By Brooke Dorratt

I’m back with Real Estate professional Dean Yeo, for the final goal achievement tip.

Dean Yeo: Hi everyone, it’s Dean. I have Keith with me. If Keith was to meet himself again and he was 20 years old, and he had all the knowledge that he has now, he would tell himself to be bolder and braver. I love that.

Keith Abraham: If you want to be brilliant in life, then what precedes that is that you have to be bolder and braver. I love that quote. I did a conference with Todd Sampson up in Thailand, and he said, “You just have to be brave for five minutes longer. You don’t have to be brave all day.”

It almost fits with that African proverb of ‘You have to face the lion on its pathway for it to dissipate’. Sometimes you have to look fear in the eye, and just take that first step, and you know, two arms, two legs and no bullet holes, and you move yourself forward to the next step, and the next step.

What underpins all of that, is enhancing your level of confidence, and where confidence comes from is achievement. It’s that lovely success cycle of you set a goal, you take action, you get a result and your belief goes up, which means you can set a bigger, better, bolder goal, and then take better action and get a better … So that spiral up is a confidence spiral.

By the way, it works the other way around as well. If you set a goal, you don’t take action, you get a poor result. You belief is, “I’m hopeless at this, I’m no good at this,” and then, all of a sudden, you just stop setting goals and you stop focusing on achievement.

Dean: So, in order to move forward as far as you said, even 30 seconds or a couple of minutes, be braver, be bolder, and step out of your comfort zone.

Keith: Just hold on. Get out of your comfort zone. Hold your resolve. Just hold your resolve and just go, “I’m just going to stick at this for a little bit longer. I’m just going to hold onto it, or I’m just going to ask for the sale, and shut up.”

How many times have we talked ourselves out of a sale?

Dean: Because we’re nervous.

Keith: Let it sit there.

Dean: Let’s go from there and morph into the list of 100 goals.

Keith: Write down 100 goals you want to achieve in your lifetime.

Dean: You’ve said from doing that, quite often within three years you could have achieved 40, nearly half of your list.

Keith: We did this research activity with 1500 people. We asked them to send us their list of 100 goals. We send it back to you in three years time, and all we ask them to tell us what you have achieved, and the average was 42.

Dean: 42 in three years.

Keith: Now, here’s what’s really powerful around this. Some people said, “Oh, I’ve been looking at it every year since I’ve written that down. I reflect on it every month.” Other people said, “Oh, I forgot all about it.”

Dean: Yeah, and still the same sort of outcome.

Keith: Yes. So, 42 is the average. We do an activity with our family … obviously, we set goals, then we have this secondary list or the year. It can be anywhere from 15 to 50 things you want to do in a year.

So my 19 year old just finished her gap year, and she said, “Dad, I had a list of 50 things I wanted to do this year.” I said, “Well, how’d you go?” She said, “I did 35 of them.”

Dean: Wow.

Keith: Now, they’re only little things. You know, “I wanted to make almond milk. I wanted to see the sunrise for the new year.” Little things. But, you know what that’s has done? It’s given her a sense of accomplishment.

Dean: Keeps her confidence.

Keith: Hence the belief. I can set another lot of goals … Bolder, braver.

Dean: Wow. Fantastic points. I hope you take that on board!



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