By Keith Abraham

For the last 24 years I’ve worked on mastering the art of professional speaking on stage. But in the last eight weeks, I’ve transformed that to virtual presenting and have learnt a lot about equipment, cameras, sound, lighting and more after delivering 36 webinars in just 30 days. Why? Because I wanted to understand the travel-restricted world we work and live in right now.

On the video above I share my insights and the 8 questions every leader needs to ask before they engage a virtual presenter.

  1. DSLR Cameras. What equipment do they use? Unless you’re using a digital SLR camera, you’re not going to get a crisp, clear picture. And if people can’t get a clear picture of you, they will tune out. The camera in the computer won’t cut it.
  2. Lighting. Does the presenter have great lights? If the audience can’t see the presenter, they won’t trust them.
  3. Microphone. You have to ensure a crystal clear message can be heard by the audience. Professional equipment like the Sony wireless audio system ensures the presenter is heard even when moving around.
  4. Digital Handouts. Are they providing you with a PDF handout so your people can take notes? If people take notes, they’re more engaged, and of course that’s the biggest challenge in presenting virtually.
  5. Internet and a Back-Up. Do they have reliable internet and a back-up? So if one internet fails, the presentation is seamlessly moving forward.
  6. Studio Space. Do they have the space to be able to demonstrate something on an iPad or a flip chart so it’s more engaging? Not just going on to a sharescreen.
  7. Music. I have always used music to bring people in and out of a room, I use music in my virtual presentations too. Why? To keep the energy up.
  8. Platform Knowledge. Do they have great knowledge of the platforms? Whether it’s Zoom, WebEx, Skype, BlueJeans, Facebook etc. Do they have great knowledge on how to use polls, breakout rooms and the chat box effectively to get audience engagement?

They’re the questions you must ask!